Stylish Display with Custom Easel Display stand

An easel is a painter’s window to life and beyond. Easel has sneaked into the marketing world, and with that, it trickles down to the packaging industry.

Modern-day easel is more in use at billing or checkout exit counters. Most people will dart their eyes around to see what’s on display while in the cue waiting for their turn to pay.

Custom-designed easel display stand

We offer a striking and contemporary customised easel display stand in our industry. It’s a good wholesale product. It can cover genera of products like chewing gums, candies, chocolates, lip balms, glasses, and health products, etc.

Our quick turnaround policy gives us impeccable leverage to offer you the most competitive rates around. We always use the best quality eco-friendly, recyclable materials like customized cardboard, Kraft paper, bux board, e-flute corrugated sheets, and white cardstock. These materials come from the latest and modern cutting die machines. A window cut-out will make it any product marketing choice.

Cutting-Edge Printing of customised easel display stand

We go through top-notch printing processes like CMYK, PMS, off-set, debossing, embossing, and heat stamping, etc. You may opt for a raised ink method for this product to make it a more imperious-looking stand.

Finishing touches will make it more than an Easel Display Stand. We implement techniques like glossy or matte lamination, spot UV, and a touch of silver or gold foiling. All this will make it a notable marketing product. We bolster its sturdiness by using extra un-bending cardboard at the base and at the edges. It will withstand the environmental changes. Its eco-friendly materials will safeguard your product. Furthermore, we use indelible and contemporary inks that won’t fade nor impact your products on this stand.

Across UK

Flat & 3D View

Across UK

Up To 10,000 Retail Boxes



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