Customised double wall frame tray

The packaging industry is an evolution to cater to different needs with weighty and minimal friction solutions. How to deal with heavy packages in custom cardboard boxes?

In order to have a strong packaging; that can withstand somewhat heavy and expensive products like delicate beauty items, prepared foods, electronics, or some high-end technology products, a double-wall frame tray is a perfect option.

It fulfills the need for safety, without losing its beauty and fully absorbs the impact on its surface. The impact may be due to mishandling, falls, or other haphazard activities that may jeopardize the safety of the product.

To cater above, a Custom Double Wall Frame Tray packaging from UK Custom Boxes provides the ultimate solution, at the most competitive rates.

Innovative Custom-designed double wall frame tray

The double-wall frame keeps two walls parallel to each other providing a shock absorption capacity of the top quality. It has thick walls in double layers.

This tray comes with a separate top that can slide in the slots. Thus locking the box. Eco-friendly material like an e-flute corrugated sheet, bux boards, Kraft makes it convenient and likable. Using such best materials is the hallmark for UK Custom Boxes. This material gives it much needed durability for moving heavy products around.

Its open-top panel makes the product visible to customers. This box involves printing methods like CMYK, PMS, offset, embossing, debossing, stamp heating.

The base is straight, even, and flat. The packaging materials are glued at the bottom giving it a robust statement. Its elegance may come through proper die-cutting, window cut outs, if need be. The tray is ready to hold cosmetics, clothing, glass, or food items in a secure and shock-absorbing environment.

Order bulk wholesale custom double wall frame tray

You can customize these wholesale trays items; the way it suits your requirements. We offer free shipping, free printing, and cutting equipment on bulk orders only.

A quick turnaround is our word our bond.

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