Customized Bag Shapes box auto bottom

The paper bags, boxes and our industry are combating a war against pollution. Therefore, we are providing products that are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and cost effective. Similarly, custom bag shaped auto bottom box is a unique product that can cater array of products. Its top quality and sturdy material ensures a strong bottom closure panel.

Custom Printing of bag shaped box auto bottom with add-ons

It comes out with latest printing techniques like foiling, heat stamping, debossing and embossing. Whereas, add-ons like glittering designs and embossing will give an extra mile in marketing your product like fire.  It has a pair of grip die cut handles.

The design of our quality Bag Shaped Auto Bottom Box is very much compatible to flat auto bottom box. However, with a slight change, it comes in the form of a bag to serve as comparable to the full flat auto bottom box. However, it comes in the form of a box that serves as a fashion packaging alternate.

You may fold down the base of the box or extend it to get more space. For sure, it will help food producers who are aiming packaging art design that is elegant, exquisite and more functional. Bag shaped auto bottom box is the answer to that.

Customized Wholesale Custom bag shaped auto bottom boxes to suit industry traits

In retrospect you may factor in its’ wholesale custom box entity. Add it with perks we offer on wholesale customization coupled with fast and free delivery. You add our quality box with time and wholesale dividends, you will make your product fly.

This being a delicate item, don’t worry about it shipping. We have made finishes to make it a sturdy affair in transit.

Across UK

Flat & 3D View

Across UK

Up To 10,000 Retail Boxes



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