Exclusive variety of alluring top closure boxes
With increasing popularity, demand of appealing and attractive packaging is also increasing day by day. Thousands of products are showcased on the shelves but only few of them get purchased. What makes those products to be sold out? The answer to this question is there distinctive packaging that captivates the customers attention.
UK custom boxes is one the leading prominent packaging brand that provides unbeatable packaging solutions. We offer extensive range of top closure boxes in the fastest turnover time in most affordable rates. Moreover you can avail free delivery on bulk orders.
User friendly top closure boxes at unbeatable prices
UK custom boxes never compromises on the quality. Hence we use highly durable cardboard packaging to carefully design its top closure boxes. This makes the box to be pressure resistant and ensure safe delivery without any damage to the product. Our leading technical team with its exceptional printing methods like heat stamping, digital printing, embossing, engraving, CMYK, UV printing, hot stamping and lithography helps to give these boxes a professional look that makes them stand out. Our boxes are 100% user friendly which allows convenience and can be easily shaped into different styles according to the article inside the box. Our exclusive die cutting methods help to give our boxes an innovative look which helps brand to boost their sales which attracts potential customers. UK custom boxes ensure that the best quality is delivered at your door step with the timeline provided.

Order your explicit, exclusive top closure boxes with free delivery in UK in the best affordable rates.

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Double Wall Tuck Top

Stunning and Durable Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes

The retail market is a very competitive place where brands and suppliers have to be innovative and strategic to gain visibility. Attracting the cuistomers require brands to employ new methods in marketing themselves.

As leading packaging suppliers we have been introducing new trends and variations of traditional packaging boxes. Our experts have crafted these highly customizable wholesale double wall tuck top boxes to help you in attracting more and more customers.

The custom double wall tuck top boxes created here at The UK Custom Boxes consist of a very tough structure and provide you a convincing enough space to advertise as well.

Premium Quality Material:

Our designers only use supreme quality material to manufacture these boxes. We use natural kraft, buxboard, and corrugated cardboard to create strong and sturdy double-wall tuck top boxes. All of our material is recyclable and eco-friendly to support biodiversity and environment-conservation.

Advanced Customizing Options:

At The UK Custom Boxes, we provide our customers with advanced printing options to beautify these boxes. You can use CMYK, foiling, embossing, debossing, PMS, offset, and digital printing methods to engrave logos, interactive patterns, graphics, etc.

By using these services you can create your very own branded boxes with your logo and other related information. Or, you can advertise your brand to persuade customers into buying your product.

Our customers can also avail of die-cutting techniques of scoring, perforation, and creasing to insert add-ons, trays, windows to create your desired product.

Flower Shaped Top Closure

Appealing and Decorative Flower-shaped Top Closure Boxes

Here at The UK Custom Boxes, our experts have designed a packaging solution that’s specifically used to highlight your product by way of outshining all others. These custom flower shaped top closure are uniquely designed to bring distinction and brand recognition. These boxes are made up of eco-friendly kraft and corrugated cardboard. Their distinctive feature of a flower-shaped top makes them a perfect option to showcase your products.

The wholesale flower-shaped top closure boxes add elegance and class to the product they house. As a supplier, these custom flower-shaped boxes are an ideal packaging solution for a variety of products. These custom-made boxes can’t only resist damages but also enhance your product’s appeal and look.

Design Personalized Boxes:

We offer our customers a chance to transform their imagination into reality. You’re always welcome to bring forth your designs and let our designers assist you in creating a custom box that fits your requirements. By using our top-class printing methods of embossing, foiling, CMYK, offset you can either print or engrave logos or images and create unique lower-shaped boxes.

On our website, you also get a chance to order these wholesale flower-shaped boxes in any size, shape, or colour that fits your criteria the best. Place different add-ons like handles, trays, or plastic inserts using die-cutusing methods of scoring, creasing, perforation.

On top of this, we provide a high-speed turnaround with very economical rates along with a secure, prompt home delivery service.

Four Corner with Display Lid

Stunning and Secure Four Corner with Display Lid Boxes

The custom four corners with display lid boxes are the most befitting packaging solution if you’re on the look-out for appealing yet secure packaging. The wholesale four corners with display lid boxes crafted by our experts here at The UK Custom Boxes are sturdy and light-weight. They provide a convenient space for brand advertising.

They are folded flat when shipped or not in use and hence take up minimal space. It’s also very easy to assemble them anytime. The upper lid is used to advertise your brand and product to attract customers. They are very strong and cause the housed products to move minimally.

Quality Manufacturing Material:

We manufacture these custom four corners with display lid boxes using the highest quality kraft, corrugated cardboard, and buxboard. All our manufacturing material is reusable and recyclable. Because of these materials, our boxes are very strong and can withstand any wear and tear keeping the products safe.

Modern Customization Options

We offer our customers the quickest turnaround. You can choose any material for these boxes as per your need. Also, to decorate these boxes you can utilize our printing services like CMYK, foiling, offset, embossing you can print beautiful patterns. logos or designs. With these services, you can create aesthetically appealing boxes and increase your brand’s worth. Add display windows, plastic inserts, trays by using die-cutting, scoring, and creasing techniques.

Get top-notch products at enjoyable rates with on-time, and reliable home delivery services.

Gable Bag Auto Bottom


The perfect combination of the bag in a box is no other than our wholesale gable bag auto bottom. We have created these ready to use gable bag boxes along with an auto bottom to ensure product security and safety.

By choosing our gable bag auto bottom you can enjoy a great many benefits. From guaranteed product security to a highly persuasive brand advertisement these auto bottom bags are a complete package.

These wholesale gable bag auto bottom are a perfect way to keep your products tucked in safely. They are featherweight and are carried around with easement. They’re easy to assemble and a perfect space-saver.

Error-Free Manufacturing Process

We are an eco-friendly company and prefer to use recyclable material to promote healthy and environmental conservation policies. Our in-house designers have created these boxes by using top-class material including corrugated cardboard and natural kraft. The use of supreme quality material makes these boxes extra strong and resilient to withstand any wear and tear.

Personalize and Customize

Here at The UK Custom Boxes, we provide you full customization options. You can choose their material, size, shape, colour, design, etc. We provide top-class printing processes like CMYK, PMS, embossing with matt suface finish so you can create your desired product.

You can use die-cutting techniques like creasing, perforation to add windows, handles, plastic inserts, etc

You can use all these services at the cheapest rates with doorstep delivery services and also enjoy a super quick turnaround time.

Gable Bag Bottom Hanger

Eye-catchy and Multipurpose Gable Bag Bottom-Hanger

Our in-house designers here at The UK Custom Boxes have introduced these gable bags with a new variation that has made them handier. The addition of a bottom hanger has transformed these gable bags into a big space-saver.

These custom gable bag bottom hanger can be hanged anywhere making them visible in the customer’s eyes. These wholesale gable bags can keep any product securely and can be used as an effective advertisement tool.

Recyclable Material

We are an environmentally friendly company and solely use natural material to create these boxes. The most commonly used materials are natural kraft, corrugated cardboard, buxboard. Our manufacturing team makes sure that all this material is of top-class quality.

Customer Support Services

Here at The UK Custom Boxes, we believe in providing a top-priority to our customers. We always welcome any feedback from our customers be it a review or critique. With our round-the-clock customer support,you can share your ideas, queries etc easily.

Multiple Customization:

You can customize these gable bottom hanger bags in your preferred size and shape. To further enhance their appeal or to bring your artistic touch to them use our printing services. Engrave catchy designs and logos or give these bags a matt finish through CMYK, foiling, embossing, etc
We also offer innovative die-cutting techniques of creasing, scoring, and perforation to insert different add-ons or display windows to cater to your demands.
Choosing to collaborate with us can help you enjoy various advantages.

Seal End With Perforated Top

Resilient and Beguiling Seal End With Perforated Top Boxes

The UK Custom Boxes has yet again brought an astounding packaging solution to cater to your needs. Our wholesale Seal End with Perforated Top Boxes areused for the packaging of delicate objects that require careful handling.

They’re made to last with their sturdy and strong structure. The delicate products are always prone to get damaged but with these boxes that won’t happen anymore.
You can give a comprehensive and attention-grabbing makeover to your brand through these boxes.

There is a perforated top at the top of these boxes that can be easily removed. Through which, delicate products like wipes, tissues, etc can be taken out easily.

Supreme Quality manufacturing material

To prevent these boxes from tearing up or breaking down we use the highest quality corrugated cardboard and natural Kraft. Our manufacturing material is also eco-friendly and biodegradable. You can also play your part in environment-conservation by choosing us.
Innovative Customizing Options:

We employ new and better printing techniques to help you personalize these boxes. Print high-quality graphics, patterns, logos to design brand reflective packaging boxes using CMYK, foiling, embossing, debossing, digital printing, PMS, offset printing.
Along with this our cutting techniques of scoring, creasing, perforation, and die-cutting can help you alter their size, shape, etc.
You can also add plastic inserts, display windows, etc to make them as customer-friendly as possible.
Avail of the best wholesale offers, a very fast-paced turnaround time with reliable home delivery services now.

Self Lock Cake Box

The retail market is growing every day which means the competition to win more customers is getting tougher every day. The companies are looking for innovative and creative ideas to draw the customers attention which ultimately increases the revenue.

Most of the bakery items especially cakes and pastries are very delicate and have intricate designs on them. Thedelivery and transportation of such delicacies must be made very carefully to cause minimal damage to them.

We, at The UK Custom Boxes, provide you with the best quality packaging solutions in the cheapest wholesales rates in the market. Our packaging gives a splendid and attractive look to your product and makes it a stand out in the market.

Our Beautiful and Attractive Custom Cake Boxes:

We can help you to create an individual name for your brand in the market by helping you advertise your product in the best way. We manufacture the custom self-lock cake boxes using high-quality corrugated cardboard as well as Kraft paperboard material.

We can help you enhance their beauty by methods of embossing, debossing, digital and screen printing. We also employ different foil printing techniques to engrave the boxes making them more attractive. You can also avail die-cutting, scoring, through cutting to customize your packaging.

We offer our services in the best quality and never compromise on our client’s needs. Get your order delivered in the quickest turnaround time with top-notch quality that will set your brand apart from others.