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Folder Business Card

Edgy and Multifunctional Folder Business Cards:

At custom boxes UK you get to enjoy many options that help you in leaving your mark and in creating a distinctive identity for you. Your business card does a lot more than just a piece of paper with information.

It markets your brand and advertises your product by attracting customers to your brand.

With our classy yet durable Folder Business Cards, you can create an everlasting experience for your clients.

Customize and Create Exquisite Folder Business Cards:

You get to enjoy a variety of perks when choosing to collaborate with us.

We offer you a prompt doorstep delivery, we also use only top-notch quality material in our manufacturing process resulting in amazing quality products.

Moreover, at our company, we employ innovative printing techniques to let you create unique and distinctive business cards. You can choose any colour scheme and design to be printed on your customized business cards.

Using this option you can print your brand’s message or logo to help boost your brand’s image and in attracting potential new customers.

You can also utilize our cutting techniques like scoring, perforating, creasing, and die-cutting methods to design your Folder Business Cards.

Why you should Choose Us:

We offer our clients a 24-hour customer care service where our team of experts is always available to help you out in bringing your ideas into reality in customizing the business card.

Get on board now and enjoy amazing services at enjoyable rates with a lightning-fast turnaround time!

Front Cut Out Display Tray

Front Cut out Display Tray

Impeccable & Durable Front Cut Out Display Tray

The packaging of a product matters a lot. In fact, it is something that can help you with selling the product quickly. This is because the packaging of a product is the first impression you make on your customers, and we all know how important the first impression is. Custom front cut out display tray packaging at UK Custom Boxes can help you with this job. Our packaging is made from high quality materials to make sure they keep your product safe inside them. The best thing about wholesale front cut display tray packaging is that their front cutout makes it easier to grip the products placed inside them. We use high quality materials to produce these boxes like cardboard, e-flute, eco-friendly Kraft and bux board.

Finest Printing Techniques & Competitive Prices

If you’re thinking about getting your logo on the box, then we got that covered for you as well. Our team of designers can print your logo on your customised front cut out display boxes with latest embossing, off-set, heat stamping, CMYk, and debossing techniques. Through this, your logo will be printed in a unique and creative way, something that will help you stand out from the rest.

We are one of the leading front cut out display tray packaging companies out there. We offer our services at affordable and reasonable rates because we never think about becoming a burden on the bank account of our customers. Our previous clients can testify it for you that they we always keep the satisfaction of our clients a high priority. Therefore, when you work with us, you won’t have to worry about a single thing. We offer reliable services with fast turnaround time.

Hanger Product Holder

Staggering Custom Hanger Product Holders with Inventive Designs

Are you struggling to sell your products quickly? Is your competitor getting ahead of you? Then there must be something wrong with the packaging of your product. In today’s world, people tend to get attracted towards things that look appealing and creative to them. At UK Custom Boxes, we offer custom hanger product holder packaging that is designed in such a way that it is eye catching and irresistible. This type of packaging can be hanged on the wall so that it can be placed on a prominent location to surge sales as well as for better marketing.

State of the Art Quality Materials & Enthralling Printing Methods

We understand that a product cannot do well in the market without a good quality packaging. This is why our team of experts make them by using high quality materials such as eco-friendly Kraft, cardboard, paper sheet, E-flute corrugated to make sure they are long lasting as well as of premium class. You can lose a lot of customers if they receive a damaged production. But our wholesale product holder boxes will keep your products safe inside them as they have strong build quality. Such type of boxes are perfect for multiple type of items such as electronics, cosmetic products, and much more. On top of that we use futuristic printing methods like CMYK, PMS, heat stamping, embossing and debossing to give your boxes a more striking outlook.

Our services are affordable and our rates are better than most of the packaging companies out there. We always keep the satisfaction of our clients in mind and avoid putting a dent in their pocket while manufacturing your personalized hanger product holder. When you order from us, you won’t have to worry about anything as we offer free shipping with fast turnaround time.


Header Card Bag Topper

Header Card Bag Topper


Enticing & Compelling Custom Header Card Bag Topper

If you’re looking for the kind of packaging that can help you pack products in plastic bags, then our custom header card bag topper packaging is the perfect solution for you. This type of packaging is perfect for those times when you want to showcase your product from inside the packaging. The best part about these wholesale header card bag topper packaging is that they are easily accessible and cost effective.

We make sure that the material being used for the production purpose of theseheader card bag topper is of highest quality possible such as cardboard, eco-friendly Kraft, bux board and E-flute corrugated. This way, the packaging will be safe from wear and tear and your product will stay safe inside them. In addition to this, to further promote the name of your company, you can print your logo on the header card using our inventive printing methods such as embossing and debossing in an exclusive and creative manner. Similarly, you can also get your company’s tagline printed alongside it in radiant and real to life colours.

Reliable Services at Affordable Rates

We understand that you might get confused during the designing stage, which is why our team of experts will assist you at every stage. You will have complete freedom of customizing each and everything about your personal header card bag topper boxes. On top of that, since our rates are better than every other packaging company in the rest of market, you won’t have to worry about your bank account getting empty while working with us.

Mailer With Zipper

Mailer with Zipper


Efficient & Reliable Custom Mailer with Zipper

Sending valuable documents, business reports, invoices or anything at all via normal mailers is the most careless thing anyone can do. Additionally if your sensitive documents fall into the wrong hands it can cause you or your firm some serious damage. However with our custom mailer with zipper you will know if somebody has tried to open your package or not. At UK Custom Boxes, we provide our customers wholesale mailer with zipper that can safeguard your documents or products until they reach the recipient safe and sound. We offer mailer with zipper in a variety of designs, diverse shapes and eye catching colour scheming.

Our custom printed custom mailers with zipper can prove to be a very inventive and cost efficient way of promoting your productor business. Especially if you deal with digital products such as CDs and DVDs or sensitive products such as documents on a day to day basis.

Smooth Finishing Options &Top Notch Quality Materials

We at UK Custom Boxes place our customers trust at high priority and that is why we always use top shelf materials like cardboard, eco-friendly Kraft, e-flute corrugated and bux board to manufacture these zippers. In case you already have an idea for your mailer in your mind, don’t hesitate sharing the details because our highly professional and friendly staff at office will always assist and guide you to the best of their abilities and provide you with the best product in the market. To make your mailer more personalized or to add your company’s logo on it you can apply our advanced printing methods like embossing, debossing, CMYK, PMS, heat stamping, off set and foiling to give your mailer an innovative spin.

Pop Counter Display Tray

In the crowded shelves of the retail market, the Pop Counter Display boxes can give you a significant edge over other manufacturers. They act as the perfect stimulus to force the customers in shopping impulsively.

The custom pop counter display trays don’t just help showcase your product nicely and stylishly. They also act as a canvas to advertise your product. We provide awesome printing solutions from thermal printing, screen printing, digital printing, embossing, debossing, engraving, offset, CMYK, to heat stamping and much more.

 Easy to Use Customisable Pop Counter Display Tray:

Our company manufactured retail counter display trays are very easy to assemble. With the instruction manual, anyone can assemble them without difficulty. Or you can choose to have them delivered to you already assembled.

Our wholesale pop counter display tray works two way. They don’t just showcase your product but you also get to enjoy immediate advertising just by folding the top lid. So, it’s more like killing two birds with one stone.

You can make sure to have an elegantly designed product that’s unique enough to help in branding.  Other than printing option we offer to die-cutting and windows cutting options to make the boxes more stylish.

Team-up with Us to get the best turnaround time:

When you order with custom digital boxes you sign up for splendid customer service.Plenty of room to customise the pop counter boxes with a variety of printing and cutting techniques. And you can be assured of the best turn around time.

Prism Shaped Box

The new stand-out and prominent advertisement solution in the retail market are the prism-shaped custom boxes. These are famous for their unique and distinctive shape of a prism.

These custom boxes don’t look entirely like prisms but resemble them in shape.  This unique shape helps them to be more distinctive and gives them an individuality like no other packaging.

We at the UK Custom Boxes manufacture them as single piece boxes in a three-dimensional shape. They are super easy to assemble manually.

The wholesale prism shaped boxes consist of three walls and an attached lid at the top which covers the box from the top. These prism shaped boxes require very less space and are ideal if you’re looking for minimalistic packaging solutions.

Customised prism shaped boxes

Using methods like lithography, relief, intaglio, foiling, screen printing, digital printing, embossing, engraving, debossing, CMYK, UV printing, hot stamping you can customise the boxes and get your logo on them printed in unique designs.

You can also add additional features of hand cut-outs, windows etc. to make them more handy and durable. We offer die-cutting services like flatbed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, laser cutting and digitalised die-cutting.

Give Them A Try:

Don’t miss an opportunity to avail these services in the swiftest turnaround time and get your business going.

The prism-shaped boxes can be used as an ideal way to promote your product. Their distinctive shape helps to make your product more attractive and prominent among others.

Reinforced Sides With Hinged Top

If you are looking for a packaging solution for your products that are tall, narrow and slender then you’ve come to the right place. The reinforced sides with hinged top boxes complement your delicate slim products just in the right way.

These wholesale boxes do not just give protection to the fragile products likecosmetic products, medical supplies, toys and electronic appliancesbut their elongated shape is also a customer attraction.

Elegantly designed Customised reinforced sides with hinged top box

Their structure consists of four walls. Both the side walls are glued securely which keeps the product safe. The side panels are called reinforced because of this very feature. The glued side panels strengthen the entire structure of the box.

The top of the box is hinged and falls backwards providing an opening for the products to slide in. The hinged top protects the enclosed product against wear and tear.

You can use a design from our huge gallery of original designs and you can choose to customise the hinged top box exactly the way you want. We offer quality printing using a variety of techniques.

Our offerings include foil, heat, screen and digital printing, Embossing, engraving debossing, heat stamping and CMYK. And not only that you can also choose to use our die-cutting or windows cutting techniques to make the customised hinged top boxes match your brand.

Why Should You Choose Us:

We offer the cheapest wholesale rates in the market with a guarantee oftop quality products. We also give you a free hand in customizing these boxes. You can put your logo, images using our new printing and cutting technologies. The cherry on top out turn around time is the best among all.

Side Lock Tuck Top Display Box

A unique and stylish looking display box is exactly what you need to make your product a standout in the retail market. These unique looking side lock tuck top display boxes don’t just showcase your product but also protects them.They have non-glued side panels and a top removable lid.

Both the side cutout locks the entire display box from the bottom but also hold the sides firmly in place.You can also fold the top lid in half and get an additional advertising option for your firm and product. Our custom boxes work two way and serve their purpose efficiently.

Unique Custom Side Lock Tuck Top Display  Boxes:

We at The UK Custom Boxes maintain top quality standards. Our manufactured products are sturdy, strong and durable as well. Our display boxes won’t just give attractive packaging but also bigger storage capacity.

The speciality of our display boxes is that they have enough space to hold multiple products in them. Their sturdy structure ensures product safety and displays them stylishly and uniquely.

Collaborate With Us:

We use printing techniques like lithography, relief, intaglio, foiling, screen printing, digital printing,embossing, engraving, debossing, CMYK, UV printingetc in designing these display boxes.

We can add handles, windows on these boxes by using Die-cutting methodslike through cutting, Flat bed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, laser cutting and digitalised die-cutting. You can avail these services in the fastest turn around time in the market and run your business like a pro.

Slope Top Reverse Tuck End

Successful marketing leads to an increase in revenue and sales in the retail market. If a product is not advertised properly then you can kiss goodbye to your hopes of increasing your revenue.

The retail market has its shelves covered with a variety of products. If you want to have a distinguished place for your product on those shelves, then you’ve come to the right place.

We provide you with some amazing packaging solutions for your products’ advertising. A sort of multipurpose packaging that not secures your product from any danger but also makes it a standout.  You can use these for pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food packaging

They have a tough structure that comprises of a friction lock and tapered panels. The wholesale custom boxes also have a tucked bottom closure. The locks and tapered panels protect the product from any harm and also keep it in place.

Customised slope top reverse tuck end boxes

We understand how important advertising is to promote your product. You can personalize it freely by adding your logo or decorative prints using printing methods like CMYK, debossing and embossinglithography, relief, intaglio, Foiling, screen printing, digital printing, UV printing.

We offer new die-cutting techniques like Flatbed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, laser cutting, digitalised die-cutting etc to add more features to our packaging

The biggest catch is that you get all of this in the fastest turn around time in the market. We are looking forward to collaborating and creating unique designs with you!

Tuck End Snap Lock Bottom

The innovative style in the category of custom lock boxes. It’s none other than the tuck end snap lock bottom boxes. They are very stylish and give your product a unique and distinguished overall look.

They protect your product by keeping it securely locked in its place and makes it more attractive because of decorative packaging. We make your product more prominent and a stand out in the market.

Their speciality is the presence of a friction lock which prevents the products from moving around by keeping it tucked-in securely. While the four flaps enclose the product entirely.

These wholesale tuck end snap lock bottom boxes have a very strong structure and their bottom lock allows them to carry lightweight as well as some heavyweight products too. You can use these for the packaging of food, toys, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Durable and Elegant Customisable Tuck End Snap Bottom Lock Boxes:

We let you customize these boxes by adding logos and designs using printing techniques like debossing, digital printing, CMYK, heat stamping and foiling lithography. We also engrave our packaging by foiling and embossing methods creating attractive looks.

You can also utilize the cutting techniques to add handles, cutouts or windowsby die-cutting, scoring, creasing, perforating Flatbed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, laser cutting digitalised die cutting methods.

We pride ourselves in providing you with all these services in the market best turn-around time and the best quality. Let us work together to create some innovative designs!

Wine Bottle Carriers

We at The UK Custom Boxes believe in perfection. Wine bottles are used to be given as a gift to not just your clients but they are also given as a heartfelt present to your loved ones. The wine bottles are made up of glass and are very delicate and fragile. They need to be encased in a packaging that doesn’t just keep them secure but also beautify their charm.

We offer you custom wine bottle carriers that increase the exquisite look of wine bottles. We make your wine bottles a standout in the shelves of the retail market. Our packaging is sturdy, handy and comes in splendid looks that helps to individualise your brand and product.

Exquisite and Royal Custom Printed Wine Bottle Carriers:

We provide our services in the quickest possible turnaround time in the market. We offer you a rich catalogue of custom wine bottle carriers that you can choose from or customise them as per your preferences.

Easy to Assemble and Beautiful Custom Wine Carriers

We utilize embossing and foiling techniques to engrave the carriers with beautiful designs. We also offer screen printing, digital printing, CMYK, UV printing, hot stamping, lithography, relief and intaglio to add up logos and images or colours on your carriers.

In the manufacturing process, we use eco-friendly corrugated cardboard material and also Kraft and Paperboard material. You can add handles and front windows on these using die-cutting, through cutting, perforating, creasing, scoring, flatbed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, laser cutting.