Customized wholesale fold and assemble boxes in the most convincing beautiful look
Fold and Assemble boxes are highly in use nowadays due to the versatility of features they offer. Fold and assemble boxes are the most suitable and affordable packaging that are artistically designed. They are light in weight and are easily shipped flat. The manufacturing industry chooses these fold and assemble boxes is because they consume less space are shipped at a relatively cheaper rate.
Enjoy flexible, customized fold and assemble boxes at affordable rates
UK custom boxes offers flawlessly designed fold and assemble boxes at the most affordable rates. UK Custom boxes experts have delicately designed these boxes as the beauty of these boxes is that they can take shape by following the corrugated folding lines. Our exclusive printing methods like offset printing, embossing, debossing makes them best for display purposes. These boxes are designed in different styles, sizes, and shapes with our explicit cutting methods like die-cutting, windows in boxes, perforation. UK custom boxes are trusted with the finest quality materials which make these fold and assemble boxes durable and well capable of retaining.
These dynamic fold and assemble boxes offer complete protection of your product. We offer a comprehensive range of finishing options spot UV, embossing, matte/ glossy lamination which makes your product stand out. UK custom boxes offer free shipping and have the fastest turnaround time. Shop from our comprehensive range of fold and assemble boxes at the most affordable prices.

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Customised Bookend

Bookend Boxes are very uniquely designed, having an extra flapped panel at the front that makes it look like a Book cover page makes it unique and creative. You can have these boxes made in your desired measurements from UK Custom Boxes at the most reasonable price. You can choose from a huge pool of shapes, sizes, designs, and colours for your boxes and make them look perfect!

Quality Paper Stock Used

UK Custom Boxes facilitates its customers with some of the most high quality materials for your boxes that include cardboard, Kraft paper, and Corrugated materials that are method in a such a way that result in the creation of durable boxes.

Displaying Your Products is Creative Now

Custom Bookend Boxes give you the opportunity of displaying your high-end products in the most creative way possible. These boxes are made with double thick panels with window cutting that make the product visibly attractive to the eyes. These boxes best suit to jewelry companies, software product manufacturers, and other types of expensive electronic product companies.

UK Custom Boxes Offers Free Shipping Nationwide!

We have the fastest delivery channels in the UK which is why we deliver your Custom Bookend boxes at your place in the fastest turnaround time with no additional charges for delivery. The boxes are safely and securely reached to the customers and upon observing the high quality boxes, our customers return to us satisfied and with more orders!

Box With Hanging and Locking Tabs

Your ornaments, gifts and fancy products have never been packaged better, UK Custom Boxes offer unique, beautiful and attractive Box with Hanging and Locking Tabs packaging that can be hanged on different places in a retail store and on a gift wall or be placed just as easily on a shelf for selling purposes.

Double Wall Tuck Front

These double wall tuck end boxes are no glued item. Side panels are rolled to get the box in finish shape. Most innovative design with dust flaps and cherry locks. The additional front panel is extended with two cherry lock at both ends which provides more durable structure. Ideally used for heavy items.

Four Corner Cake Box

Designed for the cake’s transportation. These boxes comes with an insert to limitized the movement and damage to the items inside it. The shape of the box is made in such a way that can easily be folded to a complete flat position which allows more easy shipping.

French Fry Boxes

French Fry Boxes are known for their salient and discreet shape. They can be manufactured in any size, the top end of these boxes is purposefully left open to let the French fries conveniently stick out from the box so that the consumer is able to take them out and eat them on the go without any hassle or trouble.

Gable Box Auto Bottom

Gable boxes are naturally practical with large space inside them and smooth, sturdy and durable one-piece handles on their top sides, the tuck mechanism in their auto bottom construction makes them that much more convenient to store and use by easy folding into a flat formation and even easier pulling back to the original supposed shape when required.

Half Circular Interlocking

The special Half Circular Interlocking boxes offer beautiful and fancy gift packaging with many different product types packaged inside with the most elegant attraction and satisfactory gift opening feel by UK Custom Boxes. Packaging your prepared foods, electronics or technology items with the options of having these lined with foam or silk inserts and with some of the most attractive die-cut designs and well-finished printed patterns has never been more beautiful and attractive.

Header Card

Header Cards


Cost-Effective, Reliable and Stylish Custom Header Cards

In these competitive market, adopting cost-efficient and effective product selling strategies has become crucial for any business’ survival. When it comes to the packaging of your product, custom header cards are the best way to save huge amount of money. At UK Custom Boxes, we offer the most convenient, reliable and elegantly designed wholesale header cards. A clear plastic bag to contain your product in and a header card made of strong cardstock at top along with gloss or matte lamination.

The use of wholesale header card packaging is not limited to household, they can be effectively utilized for any commercial purposes as well. Especially when you want to display your product in an obvious manner. Header cards are an ideal companion for products like candies, food items, chocolates, jewelry, toys and gifts. Another ample feature that distinguishes them from the rest is that they consume lesser space during delivery process as well as keep your encased product safe from any dirt, dust and other environmental harms.

Customisable Header Card with Fastest Turnaround Time

We use finest quality of printing methods like embossing, debossing, heat stamping, off-set, CMYK and foiling to manufacture your ideal header cards. While we have diverse range of unique and innovative colour styles, patterns and textures for you to choose from, we all give you the privilege to come up with your own style, pattern and texture if you want to, our expert team will still be there to assist you. Moving on, by utilizing our enthralling finishing options such as gloss and matte lamination, AQ and QV gloss, and Spot UV, you can add a touch of perfection to your header cards. Lastly we hold a record of best delivery time so you won’t have to wait on us.


Exclusively structured Custom Hexagon Boxes

Of all the modern and innovative packaging options available in the packaging world, custom hexagon boxes stand out to be the most unique and alluring ones. At UK Custom Boxes, we manufacture distinctive shape wholesale hexagon boxes that are not only ideal to use for numerous products but also make their outlook more compelling. You can use these boxes for cosmetics, cookies, gifts and other commercial products as well. Our sensational designs and hard work ensure that once your product is placed on the retail shelves inside our packaging, customers will not choose any other product.

All the six dimensions of wholesale hexagon packaging are the same but you can choose to have them altered if you desire. Furthermore, after you are done using it for the day you can fold it flat and put it away and save yourself some storage space. We produce these boxes in every shape, colour, design and size.

Enticing Finishing Options & Durable Material

Our first and foremost priority has been to deliver our customers’ the best quality boxes and that too in quick turnaround time. That is why we only use Kraft, cardboard and corrugated stock for the production of these boxes. To take thing to next level, you can choose to have an easy top closure with tuck flap design on the boxes. Similarly, we use CMYK, heat stamping, embossing, debossing, and off-set printing techniques to engraved your desired logo, colour or image on the box contributing to your marketing strategy.

Hexagon 2 PC

Hexagon 2 PC Boxes


Make your Presentation Magical with Custom Hexagon 2 PC Boxes

Irrespective of how great your product is, if you lack at proper way of presenting it. Your chances of making your product successful are quite weak. But worry no at UK Custom Boxes, we have a solution for your every packaging need. Our custom hexagon 2 piece boxes are the best boxes to make your presentation grand and magical. You can not only utilize these boxes for product presentation purpose but for gift purposes as well. Their magnificent design can put a smile on anyone’s face. We pay thorough attention to every detail of these wholesale hexagon 2 piece boxes to make them so extravagant that customers feel compelled to get their hands on your product.

Furthermore, you can have your very own personalized hexagon 2 piece box in any shape, colour, size and styles whatsoever. You don’t necessarily have to choose from our range of designs, you can come up with your own too and our experts will still help you.

Durable, Reliable, Premium Quality & Friendly Services

We only deal in premium quality boxes, we don’t trick our customers into buying a cheap knock off. That is why we only use corrugated cardboard, bux board, eco-friendly Kraft and E-flute to manufacture these boxes. Similarly, our printing methods like CMYK and PMS can help you add essential information about the product on the box for better marketing. To top it all off, our finishing options like gloss/matte lamination, spot UV, embossing and foiling further entice up the outlook of your boxes. So what’s the delay, visit our website and get a quote.

Pillow Box

Pillow boxes can be used for different purposes. From gifts to cosmetic items pillow box is the best option. Very easy to assemble and much more time saving than other standard style boxes.

Self-Locked Counter Display Tray

Customise self-locked counter display tray.

Display plays a vital role in an effective retail environment. The desirability of high-quality products can diminish if these products are not presented effectively. A self-locked counter display tray is an important tool for perfect displaying of product. They are placed beside the cash counter. Many retailers are using customized trays for influential marketing and to seize the compassion of the customer.

UK Custom  Boxes offers your extensive variety of self-locked counter display tray along with distinctive customization. We have personalised self-counter display tray in many shapes, sizes, colour and styles. You can enjoy plenty of customization options with our reliable self-locking Trays.

What makes UK Custom  Boxes different from others

UK custom boxes offers you abest reliable solution for the display of your product through our custom self locking counter display trays.We believe in high quality and use superior quality and non-bendable material In the manufacturing of this self-locking counter display tray. Our product is so reliable that it even supports heavier items efficiently.

UK Custom boxes believe in customer satisfaction. We try our best in possibly serving them. Our finest quality of printing techniques uses in customization of self-locking counter display give them an alluring look and help them in grabbing the customer attraction. we used CMYK, PMS, heat stamping, offset printing and embossing techniques which help in powerfully engraving the product details and also help in making your marketing strategy competently. Moreover,our latest die-cutting techniques along with the matte and gloss finishing give your customisetrays fascinating look.

Our eco-friendly materials and customization techniques have paid off brilliantly and we promise to improve the existing knowledge infrastructure. Our employees are dedicated enough to provide you with the best quality offcounter display trays in less turn over timethrough efficientand smarter means.We offer you say self-locking custom counter display trays in wholesale prices.

Order now,and be a part of our customising team

Square Box With Ladder Top

Fancy and Reliable Custom Square boxes with Ladder Top

If you deal with products such as food, bottled or something with a particularly narrow head, then you should opt for custom square boxes with ladder top. We at UK Custom Boxes manufacture wholesale square boxes with ladder top that are preferred throughout the globe for their ability to keep the product encased safe, secure and presentable. These boxes are ideal for your business growth and making your stand out as the best in the market.

The usability of our custom square packaging with ladder top are not restricted to industrial use only, you can efficiently use them to present as a gift to someone dear to show love, respect or to make a good impression. Their catchy and unique look comes from their quadrangular box at the base and sloping flanks box at the top.  Moving on, these boxes can be produced in any size and colour of your demand. You can choose from our diverse range of styling options such as perforation, windows cutout and die-cuts to enhance the beauty of your boxes.

Endless Modifications, Finest Printing and Affordable Prices

We offer our customers the liberty of designing their own boxes if they desire to and our expert team will work coordinately with you to make your product give the best outlook possible. We have variety of finishing options that can help you achieve that outlook for instance gold or silver foiling, gloss or matte lamination, embossing and heat stamping. To top it all of our state of the art quality printing methods like CMYK, PMS and off-set are certain to make your boxes nothing short of magnificent. So get your impeccable boxes in no time and without even putting a dent in your pocket.

T Box

Professional Cardboard Custom T Boxes

Tremendous packaging always gives a first impression on the customer mind. It gives lasting customer loyalty. It plays a crucial role in the selling process. T Boxes are the most versatile type of packaging. Customised T boxes can be used for packing a variety of product from food to pharmaceuticals. Companies are stressing on T boxes to wrap their product and customize the boxes according to company preferences.

UK Custom Boxes offers enduring and valuableT Boxes with distinctive customization. They give an extraordinary idea of packaging to its customers. T boxes are available in variant colours and sizes according to customer demands

What makesUK Custom Boxes different from others

UK custom boxesprovides the best solution for every packaging needs.We have use the exceptional quality of materials that are physically stable and will stand at the test of time. The design give the box a firm structure which is highly durable.

Our elegant customize T boxes design stand out as the most feasible and efficient option. Our advance printing techniques like offset printing, flexography and heat stamping give the boxes an impressive look. Moreover, the colours used in printing make it more glamorous and attention-seeking. Our lavish gloss, UV or matte coating and laminations give these boxes an irresistible look.

Our primary purpose is customer devotion. We listen to our customer demands and gratify them by providing quality material and proficient look to their product through customised T boxes. Our die-cutting methods make us distinctive from others. Our employees are generous so don’t hesitate to share your ideas.

Tray and sleeve Box

Make Your Product Exclusive with our Custom Tray & Sleeve Boxes

In today’s world the presentation of a product matter just as much as the quality of the product perhaps more. That is why you have to pay even more attention to the outlook of your product. At UK Custom Boxes, we hold years of experience from all around the globe and we cater all kinds of packaging need. So if you want to outgrow your competition and achieve the success you are looking for opt to our custom tray and sleeve boxes. We aim to create boxes with futuristic and modern designs to enhance the class and style of your product.

Once your small products are packed in these impeccably designed and beautifully colouredwholesale tray and sleeve boxes there’s no stopping for your product to stand out as the top product among the products of same kind. Our custom tray and sleeve packaging can not only be used for commercial purposes but for gift purposes as well. You can encase a pen, wallet, jewelry or cufflinks in these boxes and watch the recipients’ smile the moment they see the box.

High Quality Manufacturing Material, State of the Art Printing and Vivacious Designs

One thing we hold most dear is the trust of our customers that is why we always use high quality materials like eco-friendly Kraft, E-flute, corrugated cardboard and bux board to produce these boxes. Similarly, our printing methods like embossing, debossing, off-set, heat stamping, PMS, CMYK and foiling are state of the Art class. Finally we are firm believer of the phrase that our word is our bond and that is why we always deliver on time, no delays at all.

Two Piece

Impeccably Designed & Skillfully Crafted Custom Two Piece Boxes

Whether you are just a start up or a leading brand in the market, the advertising process is hectic and heart aching. Then comes the second part the presentation of your product in an elegant, classy and alluring manner to stand out in present era’s tough market. At UK Custom Boxes, we have just the packaging to make your product center of everyone’s attention, custom two piece boxes. By encasing your precious and valuable products like colognes and apparel gifts in our lavish wholesale two piece boxes not only will you grab great deal of customers but your product will also remain unharmed.

Our expert team go to great lengths to make sure your custom two piece packaging is exactly how your desired it be. We utilize top notch class materials like eco-friendly Kraft, E-flute corrugated, cardboard, paper sheet and bux board to manufacture these boxes for ultimate protection of your product.

Variety of Modifications, Endless Finishing Options & Fast Turnaround Time

Despite our wide range of designs available we offer our customers the liberty of coming up with their own designs and then our expert team with their years of experience help you by making that design nothing short of marvelous. Our finishing options like gloss, matte or Spot UV coating add a touch of sensation to your boxes.

Moving on, our styling options like die cutting, scoring and perforation lines give your boxes an even more appealing and professional look. Lastly, our printing methods like CMYK, PMS, embossing, debossing and heat stamping add the last touch of perfection to your boxes. The plus for you is we have a record of fastest turnaround time so you won’t have to wait longfor your order.