Unique charismatic figure and design boxes available at UK custom boxes

Unique packaging acts as a significant part of the product brand and promotion. Consumers are now facing an ever-increasing number of purchasing decisions with endless alternatives. Hence packaging of the product should stand out from others if you want customers to choose your product. Figure and pattern boxes are a perfect fusion of their style characteristics and usage advantages. Apart from that, these boxes also guarantee protection of your article in the best possible way.
Dynamic, multi-functional figure and design boxes with the remarkable fastest turnaround time

UK custom boxes are well known for producing exceptionally customized figure and pattern boxes that elevate your packaging to another level. These customized figure and pattern will build an everlasting impression on your customers. UK custom boxes understand each and every requirement of their customers and try their level best to serve them in the best possible way.
Figure and pattern boxes are an ideal choice for an impressive outlook along with long-lasting protection. Figure and pattern boxes include various boxes in this category like bowl sleeves, gable boxes, foot lock tray, and regular six corner boxes. Our innovative printing methods like offset printing, CMYK, heat stamping, embossing, debossing, and foil printing gives our boxes an eye-catching and innovative look. Our distinctive cutting like die-cutting, windows in boxes, perforation gives these boxes an extraordinary look. The finest quality of materials is used which makes these boxes extremely durable.
UK Custom boxes offer their customers cost-effective printing solution and free shipping all over UK. Moreover, avail free design support and the fastest turnaround time.

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Bowl Sleeve

Wholesale Bowl Sleeve

When marketing your products, packaging display is as important as the product itself. Businesses are pretty sensitive about their product packaging. The bowl sleeve provides you the quality and durability that you are looking for to safeguard your product. It is a simple, easy yet effective way of packaging. The box packaging manufactured by UK Custom Boxes is the name of trust in the industry. We have a complete range of these exquisite boxes. Have them printed in any material along with printing customizations as per the need of your brand. Our products have the best quality in the competitive industry and all that at a very low price.

Customized Bowl Sleeve

These bowl sleeve boxes are designed in such a way that your products are kept and displayed in such a way that will protect with a clear view of your product to encourage customers to purchase when your items are on display. Our boxes are low-cost and are fully customizable as per your business need. You can have different shapes and sizes (Small, medium, and large), printing options such as offset, CMYK, screen printing, heat printing, etc.

Print your business name on your box or make an invitation for a party with loved ones, our custom bowl sleeve boxes are the best you will find on the internet. We use materials of the highest quality and latest technology to ensure that the end product is right up to the mark of our customer.

Cube Shaped Carrier

Beautiful and Attractive Cube Shaped Carrier

Cube-shaped carrier has become more and more popular by the time because of its easy handling and modern design. No matter how big or small your home or office is, the organization is the key. The cube-shaped carrier by UK Custom Boxes help you do package in a way that it saves storage and cost for you providing you the packaging cube boxes having durability and reliability.Use our cube-shaped carrier in customized form to advertise and flourish your business. Our boxes are affordable available at your convenience with delivery at your doorstep.

Die-Cut Customized Cube Shaped Carrier

Our cube-shaped carriers are customizable to your every need giving you the liberty of not only storing your products but also use in the transportation of your product since these boxes are made with high-quality sturdy material. You can have your boxes in multi-walled corrugated or cardboard material or recycled material. Add a bit of flair to your boxes by having your name or business name printed on boxes. Choose from different sizes and colors and gave them a laminated or matte finish.

The design and printing quality of UK Custom Boxes is second to no one. We take pride in our exceptional quality product and service exhibiting through our large customer base. You will surely cherish our box packaging that are made keeping the certified processes and highest standard of material to ensure that the final product is right up there on the top tier in the competitive market.

Disc Folder

Sturdy and Durable Disc Folder

UK Custom Boxes has a rich history of manufacturing and supplying quality box packaging to thousands of clients around the globe. We have been manufacturing all kinds of box packaging at affordable rates. Our disc folder is another product that has a 100% customer satisfaction rate. This is a wonderful solution for your CD/DVD storage to keep it in a safe and secure place. These boxes are perfect for your product promotion in the market. We can fully customized disc folders as per your specific requirements.

Wholesale Disc Folder

We are well equipped to cater to all your wholesale or retail orders. We have a wide range of ready to deliver inventory with the best delivery time that you can ever find elsewhere. The material we use is of premium quality and there is no compromise on the quality of the materials. We strive to build an eco-friendly circle and our product line shows the same as our materials are as per industry standards and can be recycled.

Printing and designing is another specialty that we possess. Heat printing, foil printing, embossing, CMYK, debossing, and many more of the latest printing techniques are used to add life to your product. Add your company logo or any other design, we shall make your product ready as per your desire. So, what are you waiting for? Order now and enjoy our privileged customer services because for us, ‘every customer matters’.

Double Glue Side Wall

Bespoke Double Glue Side Wall

The double flue side wallboxcomes with a glued lid and tray. Side panels act as both foot and lock portions of these boxes. These boxes can carry anything! Cosmetics, Food items, and much more. These boxes have a nice compact look to display perfectly on shelves and to market your product. The UK Custom Boxes enables you to translate your ideas into reality through our high-quality product and service. Our designers are highly professionals and you will love the work done by us. You can choose from different quality materials, colors, and shapes topping up with embossing, window patching, and more of your customization.

Wholesale and Retail Double Glue Side Wall

Nothing satisfies a customer more than the quality of the product they demand. We are the specialists in taking and delivering orders from wholesale. Equipped with a skilled and professional team combined with the latest technology, we assure to give you the best product on the market. Heat printing, foil printing, embossing, debossing, CMYK, etc. are some of the latest methods that we use to deliver quality printed product to you. The use of eco-friendly materials makes us a socially responsible company that is committed to the betterment of the environment.

We know what your brand means to you and we appreciate and honor that. That is why we put 100% effort into our manufacturing and supply process. We are the best at what we do and our huge clientele is proof of our quality customer service.

Double Locked Wall Lid

Durable Double Locked Wall Lid

The safety and security of your product are your top priority especially when it is in transit. The sturdy and durable packaging does help a lot in achieving this goal. The double-locked wall lid boxes made by UK Custom Boxes are a prime example of durable and a quality product at affordable rates. As the name suggests, these boxes have a double lock on both sides for added security of your product. These boxes are available in all sizes, colors, and designs. We have a 100% customization option to fulfill all your demands at any given point in time.

Wholesale Double Locked Wall Lid

We at UK Custom Boxes had made thousands of successful deliveries to our valued customers around the globe. Whether you have placed an order for retail or wholesale, we always deliver your order with the quickest delivery time in the industry. We have been using the latest printing and designing tools since the beginning and we keep updating ourselves with time. Your company logo printing or there is any other design you have; we shall make it for you. Heat printing, foil printing, CMYK, embossing, debossing, etc. are some of the techniques we use to create masterpieces for you.

Our use of eco-friendly materials makes us a socially responsible company. You can also have the front or top window pane to showcase your product in style. Order now, and lets us serve you with premium quality services by delivering your required products to your doorstep.

Double Wall Tray

Wholesale Double Wall Tray

The double-wall tray made by UK Custom Boxes is an ideal selection to keep your product safe and secure. These boxes are made from durable high-quality materials. We carefully select our eco-friendly material and are recyclable. We manufacture boxes for retail and wholesale. You can select from our huge ready to deliver inventory and get it delivered in the quickest of time. If you have any customization, worry not we are fully equipped to cater to all your customization demands at affordable rates.

Bespoke Double Wall Tray

We are a renowned and trusted name in the box packaging industry. Our box customization is of the highest quality. We have a highly qualified professional team that is always here to design and print boxes for you. The use of the latest printing techniques like CMYK, heat printing, foil printing, offset printing, embossing, debossing, and many more bring the best result for you.

You can have your company logo printed on the box, or you can have any design you want and we shall bring your idea to life. These boxes are available in all sizes, colors, and designs. TO showcase your product smartly and stylishly, the window can also be made on the box or we can carve handles for smooth and easy handling.

We are the best and at what we do and our work speaks for what we say. Order now and experience world-class customer services and products.

Economy Disc Folder

Stylish and Convenient Economy Disc Folder

As the businesses grow and mature, the need to economies the business on every level becomes the right thing to do. Evolving with the time keeps you going. The economy disc folder is the perfect example of it. These disc folders are durable and are made from premium quality material as do all other boxes manufactured by UK Custom Boxes. Economy disc folder is easy to carry and store in your home or office.

Eco-Friendly Wholesale Economy Disc Folder

All boxes manufactured by UK Custom Boxes are eco-friendly and are in line with our commitment to being an environmentally friendly company. We offer our services for the retail and wholesale sector. We are aware of your needs and are always ready to deliver your order no matter how big the requirement is.

100% customization of the disc folder is not a big task for us. Our team is professional and highly qualified to cater to all your customization demands. From designing to printing we are with you all the way and will also provide useful consultancy for your product design. Latest printing techniques like heat printing, embossing, foil printing, debossing, CMYK, offset printing, and many more are used to create the best product for you.

We are well aware of your requirements and the ever-growing needs of the brands and products. We have evolved with time to be the best box packaging industry through the best customer services and of course the quickest delivery time.

Fence Partitions

Premium Quality Secure Fence Partitions

Fence partitions required special manufacturing skills to produce durable and quality boxes. UK Custom Boxes have been doing such quality work for years and is known for 100% product satisfaction by customers from around the globe. All those products that required special care are generally packed in fence partition boxes. The partitions can be done as per your product need. We use high-quality durable materials to make sure that your product is kept safe and secure that as expected from any such packaging.

Wholesale Fence Partitions

These additional supports in the box are meant to protect your product, especially during transit. We have a complete range of fence partition boxes available with us that are ready to deliver. We also offer complete customization as and when required by our valued clients. We have all the latest tools required to design and print customized boxes for you. Heat printing, foil printing, embossing, debossing, offset printing, CMYK is some of the printing techniques that we use to create the best print impressions of the company logo or designs given by you.

Other than standard ready to deliver boxes, these boxes are available in custom shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Our delivery time is the quickest and we always deliver as per timelines committed with our valued customers. Don’t hold yourself back we are ready to serve you. Place your order with us and have a taste of high-class products and customer services.

Foot Lock Tray

Durable and Sturdy Foot Lock Tray

Foot lock tray boxes create a very helpful and secure packaging arrangement and are ideal for medical supplies, medication, and custom food box products. UK Custom Boxes offer these quality boxes at affordable rates for both retail and wholesale. Our boxes are known to produce longer run benefit due to their durability. We can fully customize the box as per the need of your brand and product. Your product shall outshine in the market with our premium quality box packaging.

Fully Customized Foot Lock Tray

Our custom foot lock tray is a more secure and efficient packaging solution for your product. Our boxes are durable and sturdy which makes them ideal to handle even heavyweight products. You will have an opportunity to have complete customization of your boxes. You can have the shape, size, and colors of your choice with your business name and logo printed on these boxes showcasing your product in the right manner in the market.

Moreover, our designs are highly sophisticated and attractive, created by our highly qualified team of professionals. The material we use is of the finest quality which provides perfect support to your product that you need from a good packaging. CMYK, offset printing, embossing, debossing, heat printing is some of the latest printing methods that we use.

We are a company that has professionals, working round the clock to create the best packaging solutions for your products. We have gained the trust of customers through our passion, dedication, and timely delivery of quality products and service.

Full Flat Double Tray

Wholesale Full Flat Double Tray

The full flat double tray boxes are specifically designed to meet the demands of the customers. These boxes have a lock system on top to be more safe and secure. If you are in the food business these are the boxes for you. Made with durable and high-quality eco-friendly material our boxes are the perfect choice for your product. These are probably the handiest type of boxes to keep intact and protect your product during transportation.

100% Bespoke Full Flat Double Tray

We can fully customize these full flat double tray boxes for you and will make them ideal for your product. Use of the highest quality eco-friendly material and with many customization options such as sizes, colors, and designs we will manufacture your dream packaging product for you. These boxes are shipped flat and are very easy to assemble. We have the latest technology in printing such as CMYK, offset printing, heat printing, foil printing, embossing, and debossing. Our staff is highly qualified and professional in the packaging field and is always there to guide you with packaging which is just perfect for your product.

UK Custom Boxes is the name of trust and quality in the box packaging industry. We will give your product the true identity in the market which you are looking for. We are passionate and dedicated to providing the best-in-class packaging product to our valued customers. Order now and let us serve you and produce the best packaging boxes.

Gable Bag

Handy and Colorful Gable Bag

Gable bags the name suggested is made an aim to provide to serve a dual purpose. These boxes can be used for packaging as well as a shopping bag. These boxes are pretty common in shopping centers. You can carry anything from aromatherapy products to cookies in them. We ate UK Custom Boxes produces the best gable bags for your valued clients from around the globe. We have years of experience in creating top-of-the-line box packaging.

Wholesale Gable Bag Packaging

The innovative design of our gable bag makes them an ideal choice for customers for a variety of promotional purposes. Our boxes are made of high-quality durable eco-friendly material ensuring the preservation of your product. Print your business name and/or logo on these boxes to establish your brand smartly in the market. We can add a customized window in your box just to showcase a glimpse of your product to the customer.

Use of the latest technology in design and printing such as CMYK, heat printing, offset printing, embossing, debossing has enabled us to bring the best-in-class packaging solution every time. Our delivery time is the quickest and we can deliver your product to your doorstep. Our highly professional and skilled workforce makes sure that every product manufactured is up to the high standards set by the customer. We treat your product as our own that is why we manufacture such quality products at very affordable rates as compared to the market.

Glass Carrier

Premium-Quality Glass Carrier

Your delicate product needs something special for packaging. The glass carrier by UK Custom boxes is the perfect choice for all such needs. We are specialists in catering to complex box packaging demands raised by customers. With years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we are bound to be your perfect business partner. If you belong to the medicine or glass industry, this is the packaging that will not only keep your product safe and secure but also will help outshine in the competitive market due to the smart packaging offered by us.We manufacture box packaging for retail and wholesale at affordable prices and offer delivery at your doorstep with the fastest turnaround time.

Fully Customized Die-Cut Glass Carrier

Customization is in our DNA and we are proud of it. We are a team of skilled professionals who are ready to serve your business tothe best of their abilities and to meet all your customized requirements. Your demand of any shape, size, color, and design is well within our grasp. Our team will not only design and print boxes for you but will also provide you with useful consultancy on the process.

We use high-quality eco-friendly materials as we are fully committed to the safe environment mission. Let us know of your specific requirements and we shall have your product ready in-time for you. We are perfectionists and offer the same to our customers. High-quality product delivery and excellent customer services are the wings that carry thousands of customers.

Ice Cream Cone Holder


There are some boxes that are manufactured for a specific business and one of those boxes is the Ice Cream Cone Holder boxes. These boxes play a very important role in running smooth operations in the Ice Cream retailing business. The Ice Cream Cone Holder boxes make carrying Ice Cream Cones easier for the customers as well as attractive to the eye.

Design Your Ice Cream Cone Holder Boxes

In order for these boxes to be useful, they have to be manufactured in such a way that they hold the maximum number of cones with no risk of spilling. For this, the Custom Ice Cream Cone Holder boxes have to be made with accurate measurements of your brand’s cone so that the boxes are given that specific precise cut. At UK Custom Boxes, we use the finest quality printing techniques that results in premium boxes for your business. One unique point about our Custom boxes is that we design them in a way to be lightweight but are sturdy enough to hold and carry the Cones comfortably.

Why Custom Ice Cream Cone Holder Boxes From UK Custom Boxes?

You will be very happy to know that our Custom Boxes come with so many additional services for you with no additional costs! Our designers helping you out in designing your box – no additional charges, we offer you Free Shipping UK-wide – no additional charges, we also offer you the most reasonable prices with the most finest quality finish. What more would you want?

Piece Tray With Reinforced Side Wall

Exquisite Piece Tray With Reinforced Side Wall

Every box is unique and is made for the fulfillment of a purpose. The Piece Tray With Reinforced Side Wall boxes have a flat surface for the placement of one piece, along with a lid connected to the reinforced walls that hold the product in place perfectly.

Enhance Your Brand With Customized Piece Tray With Reinforced Side Wall Boxes

At UK Custom Boxes, we provide you with the facility of customization and personalization of the boxes for your brand. Custom boxes are a great way to satisfy your customer and attract new customers as the boxes play a role in the promotion of the brand. We have the most wanted printed techniques like CMYK, PMS, Offset printing, and even Flexography. We provide our customers with additional services that are completely free of cost which include Custom window cutting on your boxes, Gold/silver foiling, Embossing, Debossing, etc.

Huge Discounts On Bulk Orders!

UK Custom Boxes is a very reliable company which guarantees you the best quality boxes in the cheapest price possible. We use biodegradable materials in the manufacturing of our boxes through which we play a responsible part in conserving the environment. There is absolutely no compromise on the quality of our boxes at any point. We offer Bulk Discounts and give you Wholesale prices in which you can get unique Custom Boxes made for your brand. Also, you can get them delivered at your doorstep for free!

Punch Partition

Customised Punch Partition

If you are a company that deals in delicate and fragile items, then the Punch Partition boxes are your ultimate solution and a life saver. As a company, you wish to satisfy your customer and the customer will be satisfied when the product he buys is reached to him safe and sound. In order to cancel out the risk of damage, Punch Partition boxes jump in.
You can have your Punch Partition boxes designed in any shape, size, design, and colour you want. You can even have the inner punch-outs made in whatever shape you desire, according to the requirement of your product. The cutting process is known as Die-Cutting, which makes the boxes hold the product in place and looks very attractive as well.

Environment Friendly Materials

At UK Custom Boxes, your Custom Punch Partition Boxes will be manufactured using 100% Environment-friendly materials that prove your loyalty towards the environment. We provide our customers with the latest printing processes along with the latest finishing options present in the market. Some of these include Gloss lamination, Matte lamination, Spot UV, Embossing, PVC sheets, and many more.

UK Custom Boxes Provides The Fastest Turnaround Time!

At UK Custom Boxes, you have the feasibility of getting your order shipped at your address with no charges at all! We also offer our customers the fastest turnaround time in the market that makes us stand out from the others in the market.

Regular Six Corner

Radiant six corner boxes

Packaging a bulk quantity of material in an organized manner is a complicated task. Six corner boxes made up of cardboard has been an ideal packaging solution for decades. Manufacturers and retailers are proceeding towards six corner boxes as mean for stocking, shipping and market their product.

UK custom boxes provide you with more functional and effective cardboard boxes. We provide you with enormous customization of boxes with creative art according to your inclinations. These boxes are available in all sizes for storing items. The boxes are highly durable.

What makes UK custom Boxes different from others?

UK Custom Boxes offers you best customize six corner boxes without compromising on the quality of the product. The cardboard used in making boxes is of high quality, eco friendly and reliable which distinguishes them from others.

We believe creative art is a way to seek customer attention. We transform your boxes in to piece of art. We have to use top-notch printing techniques like stamp printing, embossing and other methods to enhance the workability and value of six corner boxes in the market. The ink used in printing and gloss matte coating will make your slogan more appealing.

We believe in customer satisfaction is our priority. Our dedicated and creative employees are using their extensive effort to transform your idea into reality. We offer you a customization of six corner boxes in affordable rates. To place an order, visit our website now.