Luxuriously Designed Multi-Purpose Wholesale Cosmetic Boxes
All of us want to appear charming to others. We often make use of different tactics like use of cosmetics to improve our appearance. These cosmetic products are available in innumerable range.
The packaging of these custom cosmetic boxes holds special consideration because it plays a vital role in their sale and marketing. Hence, we provide you with high-quality custom cosmetic boxes for all the cosmetic products packaging requirements.
The wholesale custom-designed packaging boxes should be sturdy, high-quality and provide protection to the packaged cosmetic products. Plus, their alluring designs should have vibrant colours to attract the attention of the customers instantly. Moreover, cosmetic companies need to provide product information on the product to help customers make informed decision.
UK Custom Boxes has got just the packaging you need to make your product’s presence known in a remarkable way. These boxes are designed in such a versatile manner that they can be sufficiently utilized for commercial, domestic and gifting purposes.
What Makes our Custom Cosmetic Boxes Different
Our elegant custom designed cosmetic boxes stand out as the most feasible and efficient packaging options. They add immense amount of charisma, durability and safety to the whole outlook of your product.
Our choice of high-quality materials combine with advanced printing techniques like offset, digital printing or flexography printing gives them distinct look. To top the cake with a cherry, we offer various colour selections such as PMS or CMYK, various custom cosmetic box styles like windows, auto-lock tuck-end, sleeve and wide range of add-ons such as Spot UV, gloss, silver foiling, embossing or debussing.
Don’t wait to order the premium quality cosmetic packaging boxes UK!

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Cream Boxes

Custom made Cream boxes:

Our website, The UK custom boxes provides our customers with a variety of boxes. These boxes can be customized exactly according to your expectations. Choosing our website for your custom cream boxes is a deal that will only bring benefits for you.

In business, our motto is the customer satisfaction comes first. From our website, you get the best quality of boxes at wholesale rates. We offer top-notch customer care service for our clients. If you’re looking for high-quality personalized Custom cream boxes, visit our website and we guarantee customer satisfaction in return.

Finest Manufacturing Materials:

Get yourself the best quality custom cream boxes to store your product and increase your business. We use your choice of the finest materials to avoid leaks and spillage of your product. The manufacturing material we use offers fulfillment to our customers as the customer needs and demands are vital to us.

Customized Options:

On our web page, we have various options to add a personalized style statement of your brand. We have hundreds of predesigned and customizable printing options like matte, PMS, and foil printing.

We make sure to provide you with the product that increases the customer reach. The customizing options for cutting are scoring, creasing, and perforating tolet our customers personalize the cream boxes.

First-Class Delivery:

We deliver the ordered cream boxes with care and security at the fastest turnaround time in the market.

Get an on-time delivery facility for your custom boxes with safety.

Eyeliner Boxes

Alluring and Personalized Eyeliner Boxes:

The cosmetics and beauty products industry is considered as one of the most huge markets in the retail industry. Billions of cosmetic products are being prepared and sold by a great number of manufacturers. Hence, the competition is getting tougher and tougher in winning more and more customers.

Eyeliners are one of the most used makeup products in the world. Eyeliners are of different types like gel liner, pencil liner, liquid liner or marker, etc. These eyeliner products are very fragile and demand extra care in protecting and preserving their quality.

We here at The Custom Boxes UK manufacture durable and long-lasting custom eyeliner boxes to compliment your brand perfectly.

Our top-class packaging ensures product safety and helps in a safe and secure transit as well.

 Quality Printing Options:

We produce highly customizable cardboard eyeliner boxes at wholesale rates. You can scroll through our catalog and choose any of our wholesale custom boxes that fulfills your preferences or you can simply customize them and create your very own personalized branded boxes.

Take advantage of our matchless printing services that we offer like offset printing, PMS, CMYK, embossing, debossing, and foiling, etc to print high-quality designs and logos on your boxes.

Our printing services guarantee clear smudged free printing images on the wholesale cardboard boxes. Our boxes are made up of natural Kraft cardboard material to promote eco-friendly policies.

Have a worthwhile experience by choosing quality products at the cheapest rates and a superfast turnaround time!

Eyeshadow Boxes

Impeccable and Sturdy Eyeshadow Boxes:

Eyes are believed to be far more expressive than the words themselves. That’s why humans have always tried to beautify their eyes using eyeshadows. Use our custom sturdy eyeshadow boxes to complement your eyeshadow products.

Women of all ages like to use eyeshadow makeup products to complement and also to increase the beauty of 7th who is also known as the fashionable leader of Ancient Egypt to ordinary women of today’s modern world the demand to use a variety of makeup products has not settled down. It has only gone up.

Multiple Customization Options:

At Custom Boxes UK, we create wholesale custom eyeshadow boxes using recyclable and natural materials like kraft, and corrugated cardboard to promote eco-friendly policies. Our experts and designers have created a very versatile range of wholesale eyeshadow boxes by employing the best cutting techniques including die-cut, perforating, scoring, etc.

Furthermore, you can alter these wholesale cardboard boxes in any shape or size as per your preferences. Utilize our esteemed printing services like CMYK, heat stamping, embossing, foiling, digital printing, etc to print high-quality logos or for printing your brand’s message or information to get personalized branded boxes. Our packaging can help you in boosting up your brand’s image and fanbase as well.

Customer-Oriented Services:

We provide round-the-clock customer support where you can discuss your ideas with our experts to create personalized boxes.

 Order now and enjoy the fastest turnaround time, best rates with reliable and doorstep delivery services!

Foundation Boxes

Customized Foundation boxes:

You can findcustom made foundation boxes on our website and all these products are quite affordable. You can customize foundation boxes for your business. We have the best quality of cardboard boxes.

From our website, you can surely receive satisfaction by purchasing our boxes. Visit our webpage at U.Kcustom boxes to have bulk card boxes at wholesale rates. The materials we use in the making of these cardboard boxes are top quality.

Printing and cutting options:

With our printing options like heat stamping, foil printing, CMYK, and PMS you can personalize your custom cardboard boxes to your liking. Also, at the UK Custom boxes, you have the option to avail yourself of a variety of cutting options like die-cutting, scoring, etc. We help you to bring your brand image to become alive with the help of our expert designers and creators.

Unmatched customer care

When you work with us you can be sure of being at the receiving end of the best customer care services. Our customer care team is always ready to provide you proper assistance. From finding the best-suited boxes to selecting your personalized design we are always at your side.

Services that extend to your doorstep

Our services don’t just end at bringing your dream design to life, we make sure you receive your parcel in top-notch condition. We provide you with the safest packaging solution and delivery options, so your custom boxes are delivered to your doorstep in the safest possible way.

Hair Extension Boxes

Hair extension boxes

Beautiful flowing long hair has always been a symbol of beauty, but the hassle of taking care of long hair is a mammoth task in today’s fast-paced life. Fashion gurus have come up with a magical solution, real and artificial hair extensions. These extensions look completely natural and fashionable. And therefore, they attract fashion lovers from all over the world.

High-end Packaging.

The high-end brands that sell hair extensions require proper packaging so the customers get the high-quality product in top-notch shape. That’s where we enter the picture, at UkCustome boxes we provide you with durable hair extension boxes. Our hair extension boxes are not only sturdy and strong they can increase the brand value of your product too.

Custom design options

At Uk custom boxes we provide you with a variety of printing options to personalize the boxes exactly as per your expectations. You can either choose from hundreds of original designs created by our qualified team of creative designers. Or you can discuss your ideas and your brand image with our team to create a unique design for the hair extension boxes.

On our website, we provide you a plethora of printing techniques such as offset, CMYK printing, etc, and die-cutting techniques such as scoring, perforating, and creasing to be creative with your ideas. Our boxes let the customer see the design and size of the extensions from outside of the box.

Enjoy these services at affordable rates with the fastest turnaround time!


Hairspray Boxes

Hair Spray Boxes

The ever-changing fashion trends always keep fashionistas on their toes, one such trend is using hair sprays. The cosmetics industry has become quite a huge marketplace where new trends and products keep on getting introduces now and then.

To get ahead of your rivals in the retail market, it is important to make your product prominent among others on the shelves of the retail market. That’s where the role of packaging comes into play as the packaging plays an equally significant role as the product to increase sales and brand’s worth.

Box To Match The Quality Of Your Product

We take pride in manufacturing quality custom boxes and use eco-friendly and natural corrugated cardboard, Kraft material to promote environmentally friendly activities.  Moreover, we use modern cutting techniques to make unique variations for these wholesale custom hairspray boxes. You can use die-cutting, perforating, scoring, creasing, and other cutting techniques to get the box of your choice.

Best Customer Service Experience

We provide excellent customer service to our clients providing 24-hour customer support to our clients. You can consult our experts to help you customize these hairspray boxes according to your preferences. You can print your brand’s logo or other images using printing techniques like CMYK, embossing, foiling and digital printing, etc.

We offer these services at pocket-friendly rates and the quickest turnaround time in the market.

Make your product a standout in the market and enjoy a wholesome brand advertisement by ordering our custom hairspray boxes now!

Lip Balm Boxes

Customized lip balm boxes:

The use of lip balm is always in demand. The cosmetic business holders are seeking ways to increase their product appearance and to make it eyecatching. If you are looking for a gorgeous collection of custom-made lip balm boxes to boost your sales, we’ve got your back.

From our website, you can get customized lip balm cardboard boxes. We not only have a variety of options to customize the boxes but also we have the finest quality of materials. Furthermore, our boxes are quite low-cost and can be bought at wholesale rates.

Options for customizing:

Visit our website TheU.K custom boxes to get incredible options for customizing lip balm boxes according to your demands. With cutting options like scoring, perforating, and creasing our customers have many alternatives to make their boxes unique agreeing to their taste. Also, The U.K custom boxes give our customers the advantage as we provide various choices of printing like debossing, CMYK, and PMS to design their lip balm cardboard boxes with their personal preference.

Customer care:

We not only offer several options for custom-made lip balm boxes but we also deliver the very best customer service for the clients. We follow the motto customer comes first by our heart and It is our priority to satisfy the requirements of the clients.

Doorstep delivery:

With our website, you can have the facility of on-time delivery to your doorstep. There is no doubt that our delivery service is the best.

Lip Gloss Boxes

Custom-made lip gloss:

Weat UKcustom boxes provide the finest quality of boxes so you can safely store your lip gloss. If you chose our boxes it is guaranteed you will not be upset as we only offer top-quality products with great customer service. You can get these amazing quality lipgloss boxes at wholesale rates. Also, We at UK custom boxes use eco-friendly top-class materials for the making of these wholesale cardboard lip gloss boxes.

Customizing options for the manufacturing of boxes:

If you are looking for options to customize lip gloss cardboard boxes don’t worry you just need to visit our website and you will receive various options regarding how to design boxes to enhance your brand’s look.

On our website, we offer multiple printing options like embossing, foil printing, debossing, and matt. You can also tailor and personalize your bulk lip gloss cardboard boxes according to your demands by choosing from our innovative cutting options like creasing, scoring, and perforating.

Finest customer care:

We guarantee our customers that we offer high standard quality custom lipgloss boxes. We pursue the policy of putting our client’s needs and demands on priority.  With that, we also offer highly responsive round the clock customer service to fulfill the requirements of our customers.

On-time delivery service:

By choosing our custom-made lip gloss boxes you don’t have to be concerned about the late delivery.

We make it our foremost duty to deliver your order with safety and with a very fast turnaround time.

Lipstick Boxes

Quality custom lipstick boxes:

The lipsticks are undoubtedly the most used cosmetic product there to exist. Famous brands and businesses are working day and night to make their product more appealing to the customers. If you are looking for such eye-catching lipstick cardboard boxes to boost your purchases then you must visit our website.

There you can find thousands of designs of wholesale lipstick boxes. Also, you can customize lipstick cardboard boxes as we offer a variety of designs, cutting, and printing techniques. Additionally, you can get all this while being on the budget as our prices are quite affordable.

 First-class customer care:

On our website, you can get the best and finest customer care facility because we prioritize our customers’ choices and to shape them into reality. By selecting our lipstick boxes you are assured to be fully satisfied as we deliver top-quality quality lipstick cardboard boxes for you.

A Variety Of options for custom made lipstick boxes:

The cutting options you can get at the UK custom boxes are perforating, scoring, and creasing. We also offer printing techniques such as CMYK, PMS, embossing debossing, and foil printing to personalize your lipstick cardboard boxes.

With the help of these selections of choices, you can have lipstick cardboard boxes according to your taste and style at affordable rates. We ensure you that you don’t have to bother about delayed delivery because we’ve got you covered.

We consider it our responsibility to deliver your order to your doorstep on time. 

Lotion Boxes

Custom-made lotion boxes:

The cosmetic business is one of the most growing businesses in the whole world. All the brands are in a race to overcome each other. In this regard, the packaging of boxes matters a lot. On our website, you can get the finest quality of lotion cardboard boxes to store your product. You can also customize lotion cardboard boxes according to your demands.

We offer many customizing options and designs especially prepared by our team of experts. The options we provide to customize your boxes corresponding to your requirements include cutting and printing techniques.

customer care of high standard:

if you choose us, we promise you will not be dissatisfied. As we offer a high standard of quality of customer care service. We go by the primary principle customer comes first and it is always our priority to go by the details provided by our clients concerning the manufacturing of their lotion cardboard boxes.

Printing and cutting options:

On our website TheU.K  custom boxes, you can find various options related to customizing lotion boxes at reasonable prices. For printing, we provide options such as embossing, debossing, CMYK, PMS, and matt. You can also take advantage of our cutting methods like scoring, creasing, and die-cutting to make your boxes according to your needs and demands. We offer excellent delivery services at the cheapest rates, and with the market’s best turnaround time.

Enjoyhigh the standard delivery services of your wholesale lotion boxes at your doorstep on time.  

Makeup Boxes

Sophisticated and Sturdy Makeup Boxes

Everyone across the globe is familiar with makeup products. Makeup products were considered to be used by women only but now new makeup products for men are also being introduced almost every day. The trends in the cosmetic industry change very swiftly and companies are always coming up with new and entertaining ways to attract a greater number of customers to their product.

The good news is you have come to the right place!

We at UK custom boxes specialize in creating splendid, colourful, and durable makeup boxes. The art of presenting your product effectively in the retail market can either elevate or bring your sales down. We provide you with a versatile range of highly customizable cardboard makeup boxes.

Multipurpose and Personalized Branded Boxes:

Our wholesale makeup boxes are designed in an ideal way to house almost every kind of makeup product. With different compartments present in these bulk cardboard makeup boxes, they help organize your makeup products easily. By working with us you can also utilize our high-quality printing services like CMYK, digital printing, embossing to print logos,and create your very own branded boxes.

Additionally, you can personalize our bulk makeup boxes in any size or shape using our innovative cutting techniques like die-cut, scoring, and creasing to further customize them by adding display windows or handles, etc.  We provide 24 hours customer support and on-time delivery right at your doorstep.

Enjoy the best rates with a lightning-fast turnaround time!

Mascara Boxes

Custom Mascara Boxes

Mascara is a very famous eye makeup product and is widely used across the globe.There are a variety of products that can be used for eye makeup to enhance their appeal and look but mascara is used often by women of any age.

This ever-growing demand has led the cosmetics and beauty products manufacturers to come up with better quality products. But the cosmetics industry is a highly competitive marketplace so to gain more customers, brand advertisement has become a significant and crucial tool.

Here at the UK custom boxes, we cater to this need in the most idealistic manner. Our designers have created artistic and highly customizable mascara boxes. Our wholesale mascara boxes showcase your products effectively making them more prominent and keeping them safe even in transit.

Bespoke and Funky Mascara Boxes

If you scroll through our catalog, you’ll find attractive bulk mascara cardboard boxes. By using our bespoke mascara boxes you can boost your brand’s image and gain more customers.

Customizable and Eco-Friendly Boxes

The silver lining is that you can design these wholesale boxes as per your prefernces. Change their size or shape or you can even add display windows or handles by using die-cut, scoring, or perforating methods of cutting. You can create branded boxes by printing your logos or brand’s messages.

Additionally, we’re an eco-friendly company and use natural or recyclable material to manufacture these wholesale mascara boxes.

Enjoy a doorstep delivery with the fastest turnaround by ordering now!

Nail Polish Boxes

Visually Appealing Nail Polish Boxes:

Nowadays a brand can’t prosper or progress in the market by using traditional advertising and marketing strategies. Getting a product out in the market isn’t enough to attract customers. But the packaging that is used to house these products have become a very vital player in market8ng these products effectively.

Nail polish is no doubt one of the most famous makeup products. They are used to beautify your nails by applying beautiful colours to them. They’re also used to make funky and cool nail art on your nails.

Women specifically like to use nail polishes in different colours to make their hands look beautiful. Nail polishes come in many colours and are always on the front shelves in the market.

 Engineered Specifically For You:

Here at UK custom boxes, our designers have created packaging that is designed to cater to your needs the best. The highly customizable nature of these wholesale nail polish boxes has made them a hot advertising tool for the manufacturers.

Our experts help you to customize these boxes in any shape or size just as your need. You can create unique boxes by printing brands logos or related images using CMYK, offset,or embossing printing methods. Add handles or display windows using scoring or die-cutting methods.

Our wholesale nail polish boxes are made up of top quality natural and recyclable material to support biodiversity and eco-friendly policies.

Order now and get a market best turnaround time at the cheapest rates!

Perfume Boxes

Aesthetically Appealing Perfume Boxes

The fragrance world is an ever-changing marketplace with new and innovative scents being introduced almost every day. The perfume brands are well aware of the importance of keeping up with their counterparts.

So, introducing a new or unique fragrance isn’t the only way to boost the brand’s image and sales. Thus, the perfume brands sell their fragrances and scents in delicate and beautiful packaging that complements their perfumes just the right way.

We here at The UK Custom Boxes bring you unique and aesthetically appealing custom perfume boxes to help you in projecting a positive brand image. Our custom perfume boxes will attract greater customer traffic at your perfume aisles in the retail markets.

Customize and Design On Your Own

By choosing to collaborate with us, you enjoy a wide range of benefits. We provide around the clock customer support to our esteemed clients. You can customize these wholesale perfume boxes in any shape or even any size. You can add up handles or windows to display your product even when it’s inside the box by utilizing creasing, scoring, perforation, and die-cutting techniques.

Moreover, you can also utilize our quality printing services like offset, CMYK, PMS, digital printing, embossing, debossing, or foiling to print your brand’s logos or related information on these bulk perfume boxes.

Eco Friendly Perfume Boxes

We use only recyclable and natural materials to ensure environmental conservation and biodiversity.

Book your order now to avail enjoyable rates and a market best turnaround time!